We offer custom made audio products for a number of different uses, to name a few; Personal Development, Stress Reduction, Neuroplasticity, Rewiring Subconscious Thinking Patterns, Self-Confidence, Holistic Healing, Exam/Test Preparation, Mental & Emotional Preparation, Accessing Creativity and Intuition, Conscious Planning for Upcoming Events.

We process as best fits in combination with the suggested specifics of the client.

How it's done

We provide our client with a questioner, specific to the level of product they wish to have produced. Once we receive the questioner back with payment, our experts design and produce the project. Our team of professionals in various forms of therapy, audio production experts, and meditation/visualization specialists, using subliminal imprinting techniques, brainwave sounds, suggestive messaging, and many others, together produce a powerfully fine tuned product. The audio can be as specific as the client's name, needs, personal goals, specific changes or needs, and so on.

~ Our Mission ~
Empower Individuals, Harmonize Communities, and Transform Lives.



Awake Productions offers a wide range of audio products; meditation/visualization for the purposes of promoting personal development, therapeutic processes, stress reduction, empowerment, state management, and holistic wholeness.